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• Relay For Life 2009   30 May 2009
Gunung Bunga Buah   09 May 2009
Kuala Kubu Bharu   07 Mac 2009
Elite Challenge   28 Feb 2009
TAR Career Fair   05 Nov 2008
FRIM Orienteering   16 Aug 2008
Relay For Life   26 Jul 2008
Fraser Hill Pine Tree Trail   5 & 6 Jul 2008
White Water Rafting, Gopeng   30 Sep 2007
Gunung Dato Rembau   24 Jun 2007
Sungai Chilling Waterfall   31 Mac 2007

At the Federal Furniture Group of Companies, we strongly believe in the spirit of teamwork and unity through sharing of experiences at work as well as at play.

The staff of the Federal Furniture have formed an informal group called the Federal Furniture Adventure Club, where the emphasis is on achieving healthy lifestyles through participation in regular outdoor activities. Check out the video clip above for a taste of the various exciting outdoor activities that we enjoy as a group!

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